3 Of The Different Types Of Junction Boxes Currently Available.

In the past, homeowners would call out an electrician to do even the simplest of jobs and over the course of a year, they would pay out a significant amount of money for this service. Now, people are trying to do the small jobs themselves and doing DIY seems to be the new norm. It always makes sense to get a professional to deal with your electricity, but if you insist on trying to do it yourself, then you should try to do it as safely as possible. If it’s just a simple installation like the joining of electrical wires, then there are devices that both electricians and DIYers use on a regular basis.

I am, of course, talking about the ever-reliable junction box and this is the type of connector that we use to connect one electrical cable to another and it provides a very safe and very secure connection. There are three different types of junction boxes to choose from.

  1. First, there’s the single screw terminal and this allows you to track all of the core electrical wire all under a single screw. It can be a little tricky and time consuming, but once you get them all in, it offers a very safe connection.

  1. Secondly, there is the Busbar screw terminal and this is becoming very common in homes all across the United Kingdom. It is a lot easier to use and is much quicker to connect up.

  1. Lastly, there are other Wago style terminals and these are push fit connectors that are very quick, are easy to wire up and save us an incredible amount of time, especially if we are doing a lot of wiring.

It always pays to be safe when working with electricity, and using the right junction box is part of being safe when you are working with electrical wires.








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