3 Ways to Make Your Backyard Safer for the Kids

When you put the kids in the backyard to play, you always assume they are safe, but the sad truth is that accidents can happen in the garden. Kids will often play without paying attention to danger, so you need to make sure it’s a safe place for them to be. Follow these tips to create a safe backyard space for children to play and give yourself peace of mind.

  1. Declutter your backyard

Backyards are often full of clutter, and the more junk that’s around, the higher the chance of an accident. Have a good declutter, throwing away anything old or broken, or things you no longer need. Add locked storage space for any items you need that could be dangerous for kids. The less stuff in your garden, the lesser the chance of trips, falls and other injuries.

  1. Pool and water safety is a top priority

One of the leading causes of death in young children in Australia is drowning, often due to unsecured pools in backyards. Even if your pool is fenced off, it’s worth having a check for pool compliance Stanhope Gardens, making sure there are no gaps or ways for kids to get into the water without supervision. This also counts for things like spas, and even smaller paddling pools or above ground pools.

Make sure a child can’t climb over the fence by keeping things like patio furniture and climbing frames away. This will stop curious children from getting close to your pool.

  1. Make it easier to supervise kids outside

You can’t keep an eye on your child every second of the day, but you can make your backyard the sort of place where it’s easy to supervise play.

  • Cut back bushes and shrubs – this means you can get a clear view of your backyard
  • Avoid any holes or gaps in fences and make sure your yard is enclosed
  • Set up a patio area where you can sit and watch the kids – you can even take your laptop out there with you

A safe garden will give your kids a nice place to play, without worries such as injuries, and you can feel much better about letting them out there to play on warm days.

Backyards are fun for kids, but a lot of potential dangers lurk within a suburban back garden. Make sure you turn yours into a safe playground for your kids before you let them run free.

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