5 Advantages of A Wall Hung Toilet

When you think of a wall-hung toilet, you may probably imagine it as a fancy toilet bowl used mostly in high-end hotels, plush hotels, and bars. However, today, with homeowners focusing more on aesthetics, space-saving, and utility in bathroom design, interior designers and architects are opting for wall-hung toilets.

If you are looking to redesign your bathroom or considering a fresh look for the bathroom, a wall-hung toilet is exactly what you may be looking for. Let us look at its many advantages.

Space optimisation

The modern home designing concept revolves mainly around utilising the available space to its fullest potential, and wall-hung toilets perfectly fit the bill. As the name suggests, a wall-hung toilet is attached to the wall, and there is zero contact with the floor.

Typically, all wall-hung ceramics have concealed cisterns, and the installation frames are hidden behind the walls, reducing the unit’s outward projection. Thus, wall-hung toilet units eliminate the clutter, allowing you to use the maximum bathroom space.

Enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom

If you want to create a sophisticated and sleek look inside your bathroom, installing a wall-hung toilet unit will help you have a modern, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional bathroom.

These toilets come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and styles. You can choose the one that best suits your overall home décor theme and budget from rounded to square.

Suitable for ages

This is one of the most significant benefits of wall-hung toilet units. Unlike conventional toilets that are fixed to the floor, you can easily adjust the height of the unit as per your family’s needs.

These units are a perfect choice of toilet solution if someone in your family has limited mobility or cannot bend down too low due to back or knee issues.

Easy to clean

Since the wall-hung toilets are elevated from the floor, you can easily clean the space below and around the vessel. Thus, compared to the conventional toilet unit, it allows you to maintain better hygiene inside the bathroom.

Also, since there is no tight space, there is no room for dust, or dirt build up around the unit. You can easily clean the bathroom without bending down; instead, you can simply use the mop. Additionally, there is no sealant securing the toilet to the ground, which could discolour over time and spoil the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Creates minimal noise and saves water

Finally, over the past few years, wall-hung toilets have gained immense popularity among homeowners because of their water-saving ability. Most of these units come with an adjustable flush volume so that you can choose how much water the unit dispenses. Additionally, these units create significantly less noise than regular toilets. This is because raising the toilet off the floor stops the noise from travelling directly from the pan to the floor.

Final Word

Now that you know the various benefits of wall-hung toilets, you can consider replacing old and conventional toilets with these units. However, before you buy a wall-hung toilet, do your due diligence about the quality, style, price, colour, and shape to suit your home and budget.

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