6 Creative Wall Sticker Ideas for Your Pooja Room

If you are looking for elegant ideas to decorate your pooja room or a spiritual corner in your abode, then you must consider checking out spiritual wall stickers.  Wall stickers are a great way to add character to your small pooja room without having to worry about tearing down walls to open up the room. You can also install soft lights above the wall stickers or backlight panels to add to the spiritual, zen mood of the room.

Read along to know about 6 creative wall sticker ideas to elevate the aesthetics of your pooja room.

  1. Holy verses stickers

If you want to add a unique element to your pooja room, then you can go for stickers of chants and holy verses. They look simple yet sophisticated and would help in creating a radiant vibe in the room.

  1. Traditional deities’ stickers

These wall stickers are great for people who wish to keep the pooja room as traditional as possible. You can utilize unused spaces in your pooja room and convert them into a place of worship. A useful tip is to paste the stickers on eye level so that it is convenient for you to pray.

  1. Hanging Diya stickers

Hanging Diya stickers are gaining popularity amongst people who are looking for creative ways to decorate the sacred room in their houses.  If you have always wanted brass hanging diyas but don’t have the budget for it or simply are not ready to commit to it, then this is a great alternative for you.

  1. Metallic stickers

A great way to make your pooja room look rich and classy is by having gold accents throughout the room. You can achieve this by opting for metallic spiritual wall stickers for pooja room.

  1. Religious symbol stickers

You can choose from tribal lotus, Om, Swastika to a radiant sun symbol to accessorise the holy room.

  1. Buddha stickers

For those of you who don’t wish to go for traditional stickers of deities, you can choose Buddha stickers. These stickers exude a Zen aura and at the same time, they give a contemporary touch to your holy room.

What to keep in mind while using wall stickers and decals?

  • Make sure that you read the instructions behind the decals before you and your loved ones dive into this DIY task.
  • Thoroughly wipe the surface on which you are planning to stick the wall stickers to ensure that it sticks properly.
  • It is crucial that before shopping for the decals, you measure your wall and decide on the ideal size of sticker for your pooja room.
  • If you have elaborate rangoli designs or intricate tile patterns, then make sure that you choose a minimalistic sticker to contrast the complex floor aesthetic.
  • Avoid cluttering the pooja room with too many accessories as it will ruin the relaxing, healing vibe of the room.

Remember you can get creative with the placement of the stickers and stick them on glass doors of the pooja room instead of the wall. If you want to extend the spiritual aesthetic of the pooja room to other nooks and crannies of your house, then you can consider putting the stickers in the living room and bedroom. Bal Ganesha – Wall Stickers & Decals by Asian Paints would be a great addition to your kids’ rooms to create a peaceful ambience in their rooms.

If you are looking for fade-resistant, high-quality wall stickers for pooja room, then you must check out Asian paints as they have a wide selection of spiritual stickers and decals to choose from.

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