7 Reasons why Hybrid Flooring is great for your Business

Among the many decisions that need to be made while designing a space, the choice of flooring is a crucial one. This is more so when you are designing a commercial space. For one, there is a wide range of options available – such as timber, vinyl, laminates, tiles and more. And secondly, this is a choice that you will likely want to stay with for a long time, as replacing it often would not only be highly inconvenient, but also expensive.

Every flooring choice will need to be evaluated on the basis of functionality, cost, aesthetics and longevity; and to find a flooring choice that ticks all the right boxes can be challenging. But there is no reason to despair yet, as there is one flooring type that does this with aplomb!

Presenting Hybrid Flooring – a flooring that not only looks great, but scores high on performance as well!

What is hybrid flooring? Let’s take a closer look.

Hybrid flooring is a multi-layered flooring type that essentially comprises of 4 layers:

  • Top Protective Layer, to provide protection against scratches, spills, dents, wear, and discolouration
  • Decorative Layer, made using advanced printing tech to recreate the aesthetic appeal of timber or other materials
  • Rigid / Semi Rigid Core, comprising wood / stone dust and polymers, to provide water resistance and strength to the floor
  • Acoustic Layer, to offer better underfoot comfort and sound absorption

Each of these layers are bonded together using modern technology, to create a floor that is beautiful, strong and versatile. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that hybrid flooring can offer the aesthetics of timber, along with the enhanced functionality and better affordability of vinyl and laminate flooring. It isn’t any wonder then, that hybrid flooring has been taking the Melbourne design space by storm!

Is hybrid flooring suitable for your commercial space?

Hybrid flooring, with its excellent water resistance, is already a preferred option for areas such as the kitchen, pantry and bathrooms, where there are high chances of spills and moisture. Its scratch resistance also makes it an ideal choice for spaces with a higher degree of wear, such as those with young children and pets. But while these are all valid from a home perspective, does hybrid flooring really make sense for commercial spaces?


Read on to find out why.

  1. It’s got great style.

There is no denying that timber is one material that will always be in vogue. With hybrid floors, you can have the hardwood floor look all throughout your commercial space, without having to spend as much. We do not need to remind you what they say about first impressions, do we?

  1. It can withstand high wear.

Most commercial spaces or office premises will see a high amount of foot traffic, not to mention people walking around with all types of footwear. This naturally has an impact on most flooring types, and hybrid floors are a lot more hardwearing as compared to their natural counterparts.

  1. It requires no-fuss cleaning and maintenance.

With hybrid flooring, you can bid adieu to regular sanding, floor polishing or waxing. A simple vacuum or a wet mop is good enough to keep it clean and spotless. With higher foot traffic comes the likelihood higher dust and dirt, and this simple cleaning process is something that can be practiced every day, without the need for expensive cleaning supplies or specialists.

  1. It is quite durable.

This multi-layered floor is designed for durability. While being stain and scratch resistant is one of its key strengths, it is structurally able to withstand temperature extremes much better. This includes the fact that it can retain its colour even on exposure to harsh sunlight, guaranteeing a stunning look for years to come, thanks to its protective UV coating.

  1. It offers better acoustics.

Hybrid floors, by design, can absorb sound a lot better than most other floor types. This is because their underlying base acts as a cushion for the feet, and can also trap the sound of people walking around. This can make a big difference in a commercial, multilevel setup, where there will always be a number of people on the floor at once.

  1. It is easy to install, and repair.

Installing and laying hybrid floors is quite a breeze, thanks to their easy click and lock installation. This greatly reduces the time and effort for installation… and helps save you precious dollars as well! Moreover, if your flooring ever show signs of wear, it is easier to simply replace specific planks, as against repairing or replacing the entire floor.

  1. It can save you money.

This one is a sweet spot for all business owners. As this flooring type is usually made from a composite of stone or wood and polymer, it costs significantly lesser as compared to tiles or timber. Not only are the material costs lower, but so are the installation, cleaning and maintenance costs. With hybrid flooring, you stand to win all the way on these counts.

At CQ Flooring, we provide flooring solutions for a range of use cases for both residential and commercial projects. We offer a wide palette of colours, styles and pattens that you could choose from, such as hardwood or oak timber, and even marble and herringbone. Hybrid flooring as a lot going for it, and we recommend it as an ideal choice for anyone looking for beauty, durability and versatility at an affordable price point.

If you are considering this floor type for your next commercial project, our in-house experts can help you select on the best hybrid floor for you.

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