Advantages of buying Turkish property

The first question that foreign investors ask themselves is whether it is worth to купить недвижимость в Турции. To make the correct judgment, you need to thoroughly understand the advantages of obtaining Turkish property. You will face an actively developing economy, financial stability and comprehensive government assistance, a high level of education and medicine, and good prospects for professional development and career.

Easily obtain a residence allowance

After drawing up a real estate investment and sale contract using a reliable service, a foreigner has the right to acquire a residence permit for a period of one year with the right to extend it an unlimited number of times. After five years, if the owner has lived in the country for at least six months in a year, he can also apply for citizenship, which gives a lot of advantages.

In addition, the government, in order to motivate foreign investors, has developed other schemes to simplify the accession of Turkish citizenship by investing in the economy of the state.

Tax peculiarities for foreign investors

The exemption from the Turkish value-added tax that is granted to foreign investors who do not reside in Turkey is one of the benefits that the Turkish government continues to provide for the needed requirements for foreign investors to expand foreign flows into the country. If you plan to buy property, foreign investors can take advantage of Turkey’s tax exemption and save a significant amount of money, which is known to vary from 1% to 18% on real estate sales.

In Turkey, tax incentives are thought to be an effective tool for economic decision-makers to use to revive the local economy and attract foreign investment. These cuts included a number of decisions that were unique to Turkey’s real estate industry and encouraged more property purchases by foreign investors.

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