Are You on Board with the Latest in Renewable Technology?

The health and the environment has taken centre stage in a narrative that threatens us at an existential level. Climate change is already upon us and we are experiencing more extreme weather events, record-high temperatures during summer, and extended bushfire seasons. For a country such as Australia, which features some of the most arid land in the world, climate change is all too real for many people living on the land.

What Can We Do About the Threat of Climate Change?

Change always starts locally. It’s only through each of us acting in a local way and thinking at a global level that we can affect any change at all. It may be too late to mitigate many of the effects of climate change but it’s still possible to curtail some of the worst aspects such as sea level rises and the destruction of delicate ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef.

The Miracle of Solar Energy

The future of our energy lies in renewables such as solar. Coal-fired power stations are expensive behemoths from the industrial revolution that spew out masses of carbon dioxide and pollute our environment. Even if you don’t believe in everything the climate change scientists say, the future of our ecosystems is at stake and moving to renewable energy sources is surely the best way forward.

The good news is that the SA home battery scheme offers every South Australian a chance to get on board with renewable energy. The technology behind solar panels has improved dramatically in recent years and we now have panels that are incredibly durable and efficient.

So, why should you even consider moving to the solar battery scheme? Consider the following:

  • Be Part of the Future: Despite the fact that many politicians continue to drag their heels, the scientists have spoken: renewable energy sources are the way of the future. The solar battery scheme offers people the chance to become a part of this renewable energy future for a relatively small investment.
  • Tiered Subsidies: It might sound to be an expensive proposition at first but the SA battery scheme offers three tiers of subsidy for anyone who qualifies. This means that homeowners have the chance to have a battery installed for a lower up-front cost.
  • A Mini Power Station: We think of power stations as big and expensive things but the combination of solar panels and a solar battery in a home is just a mini power station. The battery can store the electrical energy that has been converted by the solar panels. This means that it can be used at other times and reduces reliance on the power grid. When fewer people rely on the electrical grid, this reduces carbon emissions from the coal-fired power stations.

The Wave of the Future

Our energy future begins with solar panels and solar batteries. If we continue to ignore the warning signs of climate change, we’ll have failed our children and subsequent generations.

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