Choose the Right Mirror Frame Color and Upgrade your Décor

Wall mirrors are a beautiful way of enhancing the look of your home. If you want to upgrade your décor using mirrors, you should pay a lot of attention to the frames. Often, your wall color dictates your décor choices. But the background determines the style and color of your mirror frames. How can I choose the right color for my decor mirror frames? Check out practical tips to guide you.

  1. Think of your personal preferences

 Your preferences play a critical role when choosing mirror frames. Some homeowners fancy dark moldings, while others prefer lighter shades. Some colors like brown, silver and black are pretty common since they blend nicely with most décor pieces. However, the safest option is brown, and you can still go for beige, white or black if not willing to take any risks.

  1. What of your style?

  Your style will dictate your choice of frame color. Some people prefer plain, bright or dull hues, while others go for matching color combinations. Whatever your style, choose something that matches well with your wall color and existing decor pieces.

If unsure of what to go for, seek advice from a professional interior designer. For instance, a wood mirror would be ideal for a contemporary home setting with rustic elements.

Also, think of your space and the items you want to accentuate using wall mirror frames. Try to achieve visual balance with patterned frames. They carry a lot of visual weight and will draw a lot of attention.

  1. The contrast matters

 Contrast refers to the intensity of the colors when placed alongside each other. To choose the right contrast, consider your wall color and select a frame that compliments your current wall hue. For instance, use a black frame color on a white wall for full contrast. You can also go for a blend of white on white or light shades of blue or purple. But, this will depend on your taste and the illusion you want to create on your walls.

  1. Consider the molding

 Your furniture color is the safest way to choose the molding. Your furniture sets the theme in your home, and the molding should match your furniture pieces. This is easy since there are many options available.

  1. Aim to strike a balance

Your décor pieces should have a balance regarding scale and proportion. The mirror frame should evenly balance with other items in your space. For instance, a big frame will excellently balance another bulky item such as a sofa. However, the mirror and the frame should match with the scale for your room to maintain the right balance.

The bottom line

 Wall mirrors create the illusion of space in your home and will transform the look of your home. However, this works best when you choose the right frames. The color of the frame matters and should match your decor pieces and furniture. Choose one to highlight your wall color and enjoy a more stunning look in your space.

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