Choosing The perfect sacred art for your home

Anyone who likes to follow the tips and news about the vast universe of interior design must have already realized the use of sacred art. In addition to being beautiful and functional, spaces need to convey the identity of their residents. Because of this, many people started to opt to use religious items to complement the environment and share their beliefs through visuals.

With the arrival of the holidays, this idea becomes even more potent, and you can use them as decorative elements to fill the house’s rooms with personality and sophistication.

The interior design of a home can reflect the personality of its inhabitants. Finally, the infinite possibilities of combinations can represent every aspect of each person’s way of being on that planet.

As a result, it is natural for many homes to have religious elements in their decor. Religion is an integral part of many Christian’s lives, and images, frames, holy arts and ornaments depicting holy apostles, saints and deities can enhance a pleasant environment.

Understanding the concept of sacred decoration

When discussing sacred decoration, it is common for most people to relate the idea to unfashionable or too conservative combinations. Well, know that this is a big mistake. Today, it is possible to use items with religious inspirations to represent your faith without interfering with the rest of the composition.

For you to understand better, it is essential to know a little more about the concept of sacred art. In general, this style is based on some religions, mainly Catholic. Unlike what we imagine, these works are not produced for worship or the purpose of ornamentation of religious spaces but to be part of interior projects.

Some examples of religious items widely used in homes are pieces inspired by saints, angels, nativity scenes, pigeons, and the famous Sacred Heart of Jesus. Such elements are timeless and can be used in any decoration style, as long as there is balance and harmony.

Four tips for decorating your home with sacred art

Set aside space for an oratory.

If you are religious, have you ever considered setting aside a corner of your bedroom or living room to dedicate yourself entirely to prayer?

It’s a simple task to do and a creative way to use sacred art to beautify your home decor. Just choose the image of your devotional saint. There are so many beautiful pieces.  Place it strategically, with a chair or a soft rug nearby. You can complete the space with a beautiful rosary or any other element.

However, nowadays, it is not difficult to find very creative pieces that do not fail to bring the celebration of religion into the home. Therefore, do not hesitate to look for pieces with different styles, such as solid colors or unusual shapes, and combine them in a way that leaves the environment modern and with personality.

Discover the emotions elicited by images.

When we speak of sacred art, we refer to sacred objects, paintings, and ornaments. As a result, both classic paintings, such as The Holy Supper and modern Angel sculptures, can be used to decorate a home with this type of art. As a result, it is critical to consider what impression you want to make.

Check out: Images of Catholic saints and pieces such as crosses and rosaries usually have a sober air and blend in with a home with classic decor; this also applies to classical reinterpretations of Renaissance paintings on this theme;

Images of angels and even saints and God with a different and modern design, especially in light colors, add lightness to the environment and sophisticated air. Beyond religion, ornaments with this different design have a stronger connection to art.

Remember the care

Pieces of sacred art are often made in more delicate materials, such as porcelain and clay. Therefore, the idea is to place them where they will be protected; with less flow of people, away from objects that are frequently moved, and without direct contact with rain or sunlight.

●   Did you see how sacred art can be part of your home decor?

Take note of our tips, and don’t waste time putting them into practice. Check out our online store if you still need to find the right pieces to compose.

Advantages of sacred art as an interior decor

●   Representation of faith

One of the primary functions of decoration is to reflect the residents’ personalities. It includes emphasizing your favorite colors, hobbies, and why not; faith. Regardless of your religion, you can express the essence of what you believe in, whether through decorative objects or a more elaborate combination.

●   Shows the significance of Christmas

Isn’t it true that the Italian spirit takes stock of our hearts at the end of the year? As a result, it is common for people to be more open and ready to understand the true meaning of the date, which essentially retracts the importance of love to the next.

Following this logic, how about passing on this idea to your children? All you have to do is choose the right items that contain the date’s message: in addition to statues and squares, you can use Bible verses, prayer passages, or inspiring quotes that depict love and peace. Everything is subject to your preferences.

●   Perfect for any style

Is it still risky to use these items? No! Even though they appear traditional, it is important to remember that the pieces are produced in various designs and materials. Sculptures, which can be made of gesso, wood, or metal, is a good example.

As a result, you can select the model that best suits your style to create an exciting decoration! Invest without fear in classic project ideas with a rustic or modern twist.

Learn how to decorate the environment with sacred art.

Despite looking simple, sacred decoration requires care and good taste. For this, you must follow some fundamental steps. The first one is choosing the right place to include the articles.

As these are delicate pieces, it is important to define protected spaces to prevent objects from breaking or being damaged. You can discard corridors and areas with a large circulation of people. Also, forget the idea of ​​setting up an oratory for this composition. In this case, you can arrange the pieces in your home, such as on shelves, niches, sideboards, or a side table.

So that the combination is not too loaded, try to mix the sacred elements with modern and sophisticated pieces. Picture frames, photography books, metallic vases, and different lamps are great options to produce a harmonious and very current look.

As you may already know, there is no age for having faith. In the market, you will find colorful, creative, and original pieces to convey your belief with great lightness and joy. If desired, there is even the possibility of mixing decorative items from different religions. The important thing is to feel good.

Ideas for the combination

Now that you are familiar with the concept of sacred decoration how about finding more about the objects you can use for this purpose?

●   Use this element on sideboards, racks, or side tables.

Adornments for bookshelves Can you imagine using the vacant spaces on your bookshelf with religious images? Invest in options in thumbnails or frames with custom frames. A suggestion is the representations of the holy family, which besides being beautiful, are perfect for the end of the year parties.

●   Statues and Sculptures

There are a multitude of models of statues and sculptures with religious content. Saints and angels are the most sought-after options, and you can choose the one you most identify with, according to your devotion.

The larger models are great when used outdoors, such as in the backyard, garden, or porch. The smaller and angelic images are more delicate and can be included in the bedrooms or living room.

Maintenance of sacred arts

Be careful with the maintenance of the parts. Most of the items of sacred decoration are considered delicate since most are produced from porcelain or clay. In addition to ensuring they are positioned in safe places and away from the flow of people. It is recommended to avoid spaces with direct contact with rain or sunlight.

If you want to use your piece in the backyard or garden, look for a corner with shade and better protection. Over the days, you will need to clean the images, so there is no dirt accumulation.

For cleaning, use a small feather duster or a simple cloth. If the model has dirt in the smallest places, use a brush or cotton swab. Remember to make light movements and not too much force to remove the residues.

Final note

Did you see how a little care and dedication is enough to guarantee an incredible sacred decoration and ideal for the end of the year? Now, take the opportunity and contact us to know our products: we have quality items that will certainly make your home even more sophisticated. We are waiting for your message.

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