Colour Combinations for a Modern Hallway in 2023

When it comes to decorating your home, the hallway is often an overlooked area. However, it’s a great place to make a statement and incorporate modern colour trends. Here are seven wall colour combinations that are sure to make your hallway stand out in 2023.

Blush and Gold

If you want an elegant look that exudes luxury, try blush pink and gold. The combination of these two hallway colours will create a timeless yet modern atmosphere in your hallway. To enhance the look, opt for blush pink walls with gold accents like curtains or furniture pieces.

Navy Blue and White

Navy blue is making a big comeback this year and looks great when paired with white. This classic hallway colour combination is perfect if you’re looking for a crisp, contemporary look in your hallway. You could paint the walls navy blue and white or use patterned wallpaper to add interest to the space.

Sage Green and Mustard Yellow

Get creative with a sage green and mustard yellow colour palette for the hallway. This wall colour combination of cool green tones with warm yellow hues will bring depth and contrast to your home’s entranceway while still maintaining a sophisticated feel. Try using sage green on the walls with mustard yellow accents throughout the space for added visual impact.


Pink and Grey

For a feminine but modern look, try pink and grey in the hallway. This chic wall colour combination can be used on walls or furniture pieces alike—just choose shades of pink and grey that complement each other well for a cohesive design aesthetic. You can even bring in black accents as needed to complete the look.

Teal and Beige

Teal has been popular over recent years but its popularity isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Pair teal with beige for an eye-catching hallway that also looks incredibly inviting at the same time—just be sure to choose shades of teal that work well with beige tones so they don’t clash against each other too much.

Charcoal Grey and Copper


If you’re looking for an edgier style, try charcoal grey paired with copper accents in your hallways. The duo provides plenty of contrast while still maintaining a sense of sophistication thanks to its muted tones—try painting one wall charcoal grey while using copper accessories throughout the space, such as lamps or rugs, for added flair.


Earthy Tones

For those who prefer more neutral tones, earthy tones like olive green, terracotta browns, sandy tans , and cream whites are the perfect choice when creating an inviting space in your hallways this season. Mix these colours either as solids or patterns on both walls/furniture/accessories- whatever suits best according to your tastes.

The hallway is often overlooked when it comes to home decorating but it’s actually one of the best places to inject some personality into your house. With these seven trendy wall colour combinations, you can have an amazing-looking entranceway that not only makes guests feel welcome but also reflects your style.

Whether you go bold or subtle; eclectic or minimalistic; there are plenty of options available so have fun experimenting until you find something that works perfectly for you.


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