DIY Projects with Kids at Home

Tips from local and national real estate experts:

With summer around the corner, young families are trying to decide how to fill the time when kids are home. Of course there are plenty of delicious family friendly restaurants to try, playgrounds to explore, and day trips to take, but what about things to do at home? And what about that list of home projects you hope to complete this summer?

Kill two birds with one stone by working on your home through DIY projects you can complete with the help of your kids.

1. Build garden beds and plant a garden

In Arizona, garden season lasts all year in some capacity. Gardening is a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle and develop a skillset and hobby that engages the whole family. If you don’t have a garden yet, building raise garden beds is a perfect DIY your kids can help with. – by JS Real Estate in Scottsdale

Kids will learn botany, geometry, teamwork, patience, safety skills, and more without even realizing they are studying something!

2. Makeover your mailbox

One of the fastest ways to add curb appeal to your home with the help of the kids is to refresh your mailbox with a little makeover. Kids who are old enough to keep a mask on, use a sandpaper block, and/or handle a can of spray paint may be able to complete this project independently. If not, there will be jobs that can help you with along the way. – Tip by Pat Wilkins, Marco Island Real Estate Expert

In most cases, you won’t need to replace the mailbox altogether. By cleaning, sanding, and spray painting your existing mailbox, you can give it a facelift in just a few hours for a minimal investment.

3. Change your kitchen or bathroom hardware

It may not sound like a fun project for kids at first, but changing out hardware on kitchen or bathroom drawers and cabinets is a great introduction to using a screwdriver or even power tools. It’s an affordable fix and will update your kitchen and bathroom instantly. Tip by Jamie Szeibert, Niagara Home Expert

Head to a local hardware store and choose the new hardware, and then show your kids how to use a drill with screwdriver bit or a manual screwdriver to remove and then replace the knobs. The project will only take a few hours and will have major cosmetic payoff.

4. Stencil paint the patio

Living in Arizona, you can enjoy your patio all year round. Give concrete a quick cosmetic update by grabbing some stencils and concrete paint. Be sure to power wash the concrete before getting started to ensure optimal results, and keep kids away for that part of the job.

After the deep clean, take your time placing stencils, stamping over them, and letting paint dry before moving to the next portion of the patio. This project will require more patience than it will skill, but you will love what a big difference it makes in your outdoor space for such minimal investment. Tip by Yonkers NY Realtors, The Hardesty Team

5. Construct a birdhouse

Birdhouses are an easy first building project, with minimal cost and effort required. Build a birdhouse and paint or decorate it to coordinate with your home’s aesthetic so it’s something the whole family is proud to display. Many hardware stores sell a kit to make the process easy, or you can design your own plans to truly customize the house. – Clearwater Beach Condos for Sale Expert, John Kinnunen

6. Paint a bedroom

For a project you can do with kids while escaping the heat, consider painting a bedroom. Better yet, let your kids choose a new paint color for their bedrooms and paint the walls together. Letting them express themselves in such a simple way is an easy parenting yes!

Getting too complicated with DIY projects can just be frustrating with kids but if you have certain expectations and then the flexibility  with your project and time, it can make things much easier!

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