Explainer: Here Is Why You Should Hire LTKI For Your Upcoming Kitchen Renovation

There are many considerations that go into renovating a kitchen. If it is your first ride on the rodeo, you may be confused as to where you should start. The best way to get everything right? Talk to professionals and entrust the renovation work to a team of professionals who specifically deal with kitchen renovations. A quick search for kitchen renovators in your locality will likely produce a lot of results but one thing that you should remember is that the workmanship and quality of services by different professionals vary.

Based on my recent experience renovating my kitchen, I would highly recommend the pros at Let’s Talk Kitchen & Interiors (LTKI) as the premier experts in this field – and here is why …

Top Reasons to Engage LTKI for Your Upcoming Kitchen Renovation in Victoria

  1. They Have an In-house Team of Design Experts

If you are scratching your head on how to best plan for a renovation, talk to interior designers. Designers will listen to your needs, and look at the architectural design of your home and the décor in other rooms to help you come up with a renovation design for your kitchen. LTKI is staffed by competent designers who have a proven ability (including in my own home) to produce exceptional results. 

  1. They Provide Renovation Materials

The durability of any renovations that you undertake be it changing lighting or flooring will depend on the quality of items that you install during renovations. LTKI has a dedicated team of Certified Kitchen Designers who will help you come up with unique custom designs for items such as kitchen cabinets. Further, the company has strong connections with industry professionals such as tradesmen who can craft custom designs for your home.

  1. They Pay Attention to Detail

One of the key qualities of proficient renovators is the ability to pay attention to detail. This usually allows these professionals to come up with solutions for problems that you did not even know existed. In my case, I had forgotten to consider how the color of my new countertops would affect lighting until one of the LTKI design pros approached me and pointed out the issue… Talk of life (if not money) savers!

  1. They Offer Exceptional Customer Service

When hiring contractors, you should always focus on finding professionals who will offer you extra value for money. This is exactly what the renovators at LTKI do. This is easily apparent should you talk to pass clients or visit their website. Apart from the trove of information pertaining to kitchen renovations on their blogs, they also offer free consultations to clients.

  1. The Renovators Are Accredited by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

The VBA is the body entrusted with regulating building practices across Victoria. When builders are accredited by this body, it means that they have the training and expertise required to put up structures that are safe for you and your loved ones. Another great thing about hiring the renovation pros at LTKI is that they are highly knowledgeable about all existing building regulations and codes. With these experts handling your kitchen renovation, you can rest assured that the project will be up to code.

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