Feeling Nostalgic about Retro Furniture?

Retro is often used as a way of describing a large manner of things, mostly designs and fashions which have been created from around 70 years ago, starting in the 1950’s working through to the 1970’s, and in some instances even the 1980’s. Technically, the term ‘Retro’ means backwards, which is why, of course it has been associated with things created “back in time”, but will always be limited to the 20th century. It can often be interchanged with the label “vintage”, depending on the type of item.

Retro usually has strong connotations with the style of American diners from the 50’s and 60’s and the associated furnishings used within them, as this is where this concept started. There are often themed restaurants which adorn the style of this time, selling burgers and fries, with waitresses on roller-skates and dancing to music on a jukebox.

With the creation of new working materials at the time such as Aluminium, PVC, Formica, fiberglass, Chrome, melamine, and vinyl, the style of retro was usually sleek and slender, with influences from the pop-culture of the time. Fabrics were often bold and bright often with psychedelic patterns. These iconic retro furniture pieces have heavily influenced many modern designers, with some iconic designs such as those of Danish furniture makers Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen still influencing modern creations to this day.

There are actually more of these pieces of furniture around then what you might think. With many homes build between the 50’s and 70’s coming up for auction, quite a few people will find that as an older family member or loved one decides to downsize, they can discover a treasure trove of vintage goodies! Hiring a good relocation services Melbourne company cannot only help move the loved one to a new dwelling, but can appraise their various furniture items so you can get an idea on what is worth keeping.

The reason for this popularity can likely be attributed to several factors. There have been countless examples of quality retro designs used in Television and movies, one of the most obvious examples being the TV series “Mad Men”, where the characters have some iconic design pieces on display.

Another reason for this trend is the small, yet functional form factor of many items. As population density continues to increase, many people find themselves living in smaller apartments or living in homes designed and built during the retro period. This then finds items working in a room or space for which it was originally intended.

Modern homes often tend towards large open plans and work well with large contemporary styles, but you will often see these home designs use a Retro furniture feature piece to make a room “Pop”! This is due to the beautiful designs of many retro pieces of furniture, which help bring some warmth and colour to a room, and reduce the clinical feeling.

 Whether it’s the nostalgic feeling from seeing furniture you remember seeing at your parents or grandparents house growing up There’s no denying retro furniture is cool.  This is why items created by some of the more well-known designers are still in such high demand, and often fetch good prices when sold at auction.

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