Handy Provides You with Great Interior Decor Tips and Tricks


According to Handy, great interior design is one of the best ways to create a stunning first impression on your guests. You don’t need to hire an interior decorator to magically transform your space into something that would make you proud. All you need to do is follow a few tips and tricks to nail down the essentials of great interior decorating.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few interior decor tips and tricks that you can follow:

  1. Choose a single focal point in every room – The focal point of your room serves to instantly capture the attention in the space and amaze the viewer. Unfortunately, most people don’t have any focal points in their rooms and some even go overboard and multiple focal points in a single room that overwhelm the space.

A bespoke piece of furniture that features a unique design or a statement art piece can serve as excellent focal points in a room and instantly become a showstopper. You can even consider creating a focal point out of a fireplace surrounded by gorgeous tiles, kitchen tile backsplash, gorgeous stair carpet runner, or modern 3D wall panels. Affordable 3d wall panels could really make a great impact on the overall impression.

  1. Focus on a simple color palette – Most beginners often tend to mix and balance warmer shades of colors with their cooler counterparts. However, without proper knowledge and experience of how different color tones can affect the ambiance of the space and the mood, it can become a daunting process that would more often than not result in a complete failure.

Thus, it’s much better to focus on only featuring either cool or warm colors in your rooms, especially if you are a first-time decorator.

  1. Always group three items together – Too many items and accessories in your rooms can make them look untidy and full of clutter and grouping too many items together can still look overwhelming. The best practice is to group items in sets of threes and place them at slightly different heights so that the eye is drawn to the highest piece and slowly works its way down to the other pieces.

This would allow you to showcase your favorite decor items and accessories without causing them to compete with one another.

  1. Fill your room with different layers – Every room should include at least three layers to create the maximum impact. The base layer should include the largest furniture that you would definitely take during a transfer to another house. These include core pieces such as sofa, couches, rugs, cocktail tables.

The second layer should include small furniture such as side tables and decorative objects. And the third layer should include accessories, artworks, and textiles. You should try to keep the base layer as versatile and classic as possible. Although, you can be more flexible in adjusting the second and third layers.


Handy suggests you try before you paint and wallpaper since the natural lighting can affect the shade significantly. So, it’s always recommended that you buy sample pots, paints, and wallpaper samples to see whether they would be suitable for your place.

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