How can you tell if a window is energy efficient?

It is not easy to measure the energy-efficiency because you need to follow key points to check the performance of your windows. Moreover, when you have leaky windows it can make you lose hundreds of dollars in your energy costs throughout the year.

However, over time the window industry has come up with new technologies that can ensure the effectiveness of windows. This also allows the homeowners not to buy new windows or go for window replacement methods.

But you can follow the below points to check the energy efficiency and the performance of your windows.

Observe Closely

You need to watch out for any defaults or leaky windows through your naked eye. This is essential before you waste your money, time, and energy in finding out the real issues. Your naked eye can observe few defects such as the gap between the rails, cracked frames, or loose fittings. If your windows do not have any of these above factors, then you do not need any window replacement for your house.

Moreover, your windows should let you know about leaky glazing that is responsible to hold two individual glass panes in place. IF you do not notice any abnormalities, then you rest assured that your windows are performing fine and they are not losing their energy efficiency.

Air Leakage

The second through which you can tell that your windows are energy-efficient is by measuring the amount of air leakage from your windows. Air leakage is a common problem for every home, and therefore it needs special attention from homeowners.

Most of the air leakage happens if you have cracked window frames, and need immediate window replacement. This is why you need to check the installation of your windows properly. When your windows have tight insulation, it becomes impossible for any air to pass through them. The lesser the number, the lesser the amount of air gets to pass through the windows. For this purpose, you need to check for any air leakage either by yourself or through a professional installer.

Proper Insulation

Checking the insulation of your windows will allow you to know about the energy efficiency of your windows easily. Insulation covers all the major aspects of your windows such as the glass panes, sealing, caulking, and sidings.

However, you can take the help of the latest technology that can offer the idea of whether your windows are insulated or not. You can even use Infrared technology, U-value kits to measure the amount of insulation for your window replacement.

You can push the Infrared thermometer towards your windows for showing the reading. It will easily showcase any heat loss that is leaking the air from your windows.

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