How do you Care for Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding refers to the plastic siding that is used in houses, apartment buildings to act as a weatherproofing agent and for decorative purposes. The material used in vinyl siding may be aboard, batten, imitating wooden clapboard.

Vinyl siding is produced from polyvinyl chloride resins. The durability of vinyl siding is high and the reason that it makes it a very strong candidate for building material. However, like every material needs cleaning and maintenance, vinyl siding needs your care and maintenance on regular basis.

Let us know how to take care of your vinyl siding in few easy steps.

Regular Washing

Since it is the side part of your house, it easily accumulates stains, dirt, and dust throughout the year. Sometimes, it is common to sight some mold and mildew growth on your vinyl siding. This results in making the vinyl siding damp and moist if proper care is not taken.

However, if you want to clean, you need a clean cloth and a soft brush. Start from the bottom to go in an upward direction. When you follow this process, it will help you to avoid streaking. You can even use simple washing by using a power washer. But you need to be careful while washing so as the water does not go over the vinyl siding.

Regular Inspection

Along with regular washing, you need a regular inspection of your vinyl siding. Regular inspection will help you to avoid any mold and mildew growth over your vinyl siding. Moreover, it also avoids moisture invasion into your vinyl siding that may affect your entire building also.

Further, the regular inspection also enables you to figure out the loose areas of the vinyl siding that may come up because of wear and tear. Hence, you need to pay special attention to minor problems that may lead to become a bigger issue one day.

Avoid Hitting

Another way to take care of your vinyl siding is to avoid hitting your vehicles or lawnmowers to it. Though vinyl siding won’t show any dent, it may break or show up few cracks as a result of the hitting.

Thus, it is better to avoid hitting any of your vehicles to your vinyl siding that might cause damage or shorten the life of the vinyl siding.

Never Paint with Exterior Paints

Few homeowners would like to paint their vinyl siding to make it look fresh and brand new. However, this is not recommended by industry experts. This may cause extensive damages to your vinyl siding along with decreasing the aesthetic appeal of your vinyl siding.

This is because vinyl siding is known to contract and expand in regards to the changing temperatures throughout the year. This leads to the peeling and cracking of the exterior layer of the vinyl siding. So, it is advised not to use any exterior paints without consulting the experts.

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