How Do You Take Care of a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing is known to be one of the most durable roof materials available today. Nonetheless, your metal roof can only last for its lifespan if you maintain and take care of it properly. Therefore, it is paramount to learn how you can take care of a metal roof.

Given this, let’s look at some vital tips for maintaining your metal roof.

·      Clean the metal panels regularly

Metal panels tend to keep dirt, debris, etc. So, if you are serious about taking care of your metal roof, you should clean the metal panels from time to time. A clean microfiber cloth, a bucket of water, and dish soap are enough for cleaning the metal panels of your roof.

However, you have to walk on the roof when cleaning the panels. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous. Therefore, you are advised to hire a professional roofing contractor to clean the metal panels of your roof.

·      Fix minor scratches

Have you noticed any minor scratches on your roof? If yes, don’t hesitate to repair them now. A clean cloth and water can be used for buffing the scratches so that they don’t become worse. A little paint can also make a big difference in maintaining the beauty of your metal roofing.

·      Take care of the drains and gutters

Sticks, leaves, dust, etc. often find their way into the gutters. When not removed quickly, these items can clog the gutters and cause excess moisture. Over time, the metal roofing can be corroded by moisture. This doesn’t only lead to leaks, but it can also make pests come into your home.

So, you must clean your drains and gutters regularly. Make sure it is not clogged.

·      Get rid of ice and snow

During the winter, snow and ice usually stay on top of the roof. If left unattended, they can form moisture that will destroy your metal roofing. So, get rid of ice and snow on your roof with a broom or brush. To prevent damaging the protective coating of your metal roofing, don’t use metal roofs for removing ice and snow.

·      Fix any damage quickly

After some years, your roof may start showing fading, flaking, or scuffing. Whether blemishes are minor or major, you have to fix them as quickly as possible. By repairing them quickly, you will be able to prevent the damage from getting worse. This can also save from costly repairs.

·      Trim branches around the house

If you have trees around your property, you should realize that they can cause scratches to your metal roofing. Similarly, the trees can leave their branches and leaves inside your gutters and drains. So, you must always trim branches of trees around your house. You can do this yourself.

·      Replace damaged or missing flashing materials

The flashings prevent water from damaging some parts of your roof. Once the flashings are missing or damaged, your roof may start leaking. So, let a professional check your roof for missing or damaged flashing materials and replace them.

Other tips for maintaining your metal roof include repairing loose or missing panel seams, fixing rust spots, and preventing corrosion. For most of these activities, you need to hire the services of a seasoned metal roofing contractor.

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