How To Hire Building Painting Companies

Analysis of the service provider’s reputation in the market and ensuring that the technical team will comply with all safety requirements during work are among the necessary precautions

When the Construction Company or condominium chooses to paint the facade of the building, the definitions of color and type of finish appear among the primary concerns. However, choosing the supplier that will provide the service is just as important. The final quality of the coating is directly related to the technical capacity of those responsible for executing it, and the hiring of the ideal company like for example undergoes various analyses.

It is recommended to request different budgets and exclude those with lower and higher values, giving preference to those in the middle range. After this first filter, it is necessary to check the documentation and investigate the existence of complaints or civil lawsuits — especially those filed by condominiums.

It is recommended to request different quotes and exclude those with lower and higher values, giving preference to those in the middle range


When consulted, the service provider must be informed if the enterprise is commercial, residential, or industrial. “He needs to know the number of floors and towers in the building and the address. Budgeting still considers the type of work – painting only the facade or it will involve walls and common areas.

At this stage, a date is scheduled when the professional like Painters near Ewa Beach, HI will visit the site to take measurements, check the pre-existing coating and check if the data passed in the first contact match reality. “It is common for the painting company to be called by the janitor, but the manager assists the technician in the inspection. This change in responsibility can cause disagreements.

The specialist takes advantage of the inspection to analyze whether constructive elements can represent difficulties in the execution of the work. “This step creates the overall picture of what needs to be done. All the collected details and photos are used to formalize the proposal. A safety technician is recommended in the preliminary inspection, who will study how the mooring system will be fixed.

Color Definition

Some condominiums prohibit the change of colors on the facade without approval in the assembly. When the result of the vote is for the change, the choice of the shade should be based on the paint suppliers’ current catalogs. “That’s because the self-color system is much more expensive,” Mendes comments. “Before starting the application, digital simulations and practical tests can be carried out on the surface to find out.

The service provider is free to assist those responsible for the enterprise in this selection phase. For example, informing which colors can better camouflage the dirt caused by pollution, passing on the basics of color combinations, and indicating the most common finishes. The paints recommended for facades are premium ones, which guarantee greater resistance and protection against the weather and high durability. “If there are discrepancies in the batches, resulting in changes in surface tones, the manufacturer is responsible for bearing the loss of material and the labor needed for the new painting.

If discrepancies in the batches result in changes in surface shades, the manufacturer is responsible for bearing the loss of material and for the labor required for the new painting.

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