How To Keep Your Bathroom Warm In The Winter

towel rack with white towel

Given that so many of us have tiled floors in the bathroom it can often be hard to keep this room warm throughout the cooler winter months. It is imperative that homeowners focus on ways in which they can warm up the bathroom however, as the last thing that anyone wants is a cold room in which to wash and freshen up. In order to make sure that the room is cozy and warm as you set foot in the bathtub or shower, here are some tips which you can follow that will help to keep the cold at bay.

Adding Rugs

Much of the cold in the room will come through the floor which is why it makes such a good idea to add a rug or two to the space. This will not only help to insulate the room and keep it warmer, but it will also provide some much needed comfort when you step out of a bath or the shower. For those with freestanding baths, consider adding a large rug underneath for both style and insulation.

Focus on Windows

Another source of cold air is the windows which is why ahead of the winter months you should be looking to fully check the seal around the windows. Once those windows are well sealed, make sure that you have both blinds and a curtain which you can close at night in order to really keep the heat in, and the cold out.

Heated Towel Rack

A heated towel rack is such a great idea for a bathroom as it adds both style and functionality, which will keep your bathroom warm. More and more modern bathrooms have this feature, coupled with designer baths so that you can grab a warm towel the moment that you step out of the tub. Despite what many believe, these aren’t actually too problematic to install, as they simply need to be attached to the plumbing work. You will need a professional to take care of this, but the job is much quicker and lower cost than many realise.

Insulating Paint

Adding a new coat of paint to the bathroom not only gives it a fresh new look, it can also help to insulate the space. There are a number of paint options which have been created to serve this purpose and they can really help to increase the temperature in your bathroom by a degree or two, ideal for those chilly winter months.

Safety Tip – Avoid Heaters

There is always a temptation to bring in space heaters to a cold room, but this should never be the case in the bathroom. There is simply too much water present, both from the bathtub and shower, and even in the air from humidity. This can really pose a fire risk which is why you should never think about using a portable space heater when you are trying to warm up the bathroom.

Follow these tips and you will be able to ensure that your bathroom stays warm throughout the winter, making bathing and washing so much more comfortable.

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