How to Keep Your Home Clean and Sanitized

It is not at all an attainable task to avoid every single germ encounter on a daily basis, but you can try to keep your home germ-free. This will allow you to reduce your exposure to germs and help to avoid seasonal illnesses.

That being said, some of us feel we need to spend every waking minute we are at home cleaning it in order to keep it as clean as possible and reduce the number of germs we and our family members come in contact with. But there are some easy tasks that you can do to keep germs at bay while still having time for the numerous other important tasks on your plate.

Here are some easy ways to keep your home clean and sanitized by real estate and home specialists:

Stick to a routine

Instead of trying to overhaul and clean your entire home at one time, try to fit in smaller tasks on a daily basis to help you feel like cleaning your home is not such a daunting task. If you have 10 to 30 minutes a day you can get in a significant amount of cleaning. Use this and create a schedule for what task you will complete on what day and it will help you to feel like daily cleaning is a routine part of life but not one that should be dreaded.

If you can, try and allow at least one or two hours one day a week where you take on one deep cleaning task.

“Thereof course will be some areas of the home that see more users every day that you will want to take at least five minutes to give a quick wipe down and that includes the kitchen and dining room as well as the restroom.” – Milburn Short Hills Real Estate Brokerage Maggee Miggins Group

Make sure you have good ventilation and try to keep the home within a good moisture level

“In some scenarios, it is a good idea to use a humidifier especially if you live in a very dry climate. But what you want to make sure of is that there’s not too much moisture in your air as high levels of humidity are your favorite living spaces for germs like bacteria, viruses, and fungus. A great way to help control humidity is to make sure there’s plenty of ventilation in your home. It is a good idea to try and open windows in every room at least once a day to help allow natural airflow and sunlight this will help to keep germs at lower levels with very little effort.” Jean Wawrzyniak-Fry – San Tan Valley Realtor®

Maintain safe cooking practices

“It is not uncommon for germs to be hanging out in our food preparation area. You want to make sure that you daily wipe down your kitchen surfaces as well as take proper steps in your food preparation. Make sure to thoroughly wash your produce and not to mix your vegetable and meat preparation areas or use the same knife when cutting and chopping these items. You also want to thoroughly clean and sanitize the surfaces after using them to prep for meals.” – Jackie Barikhan, Tax Return Free Home Loans in California

Clean your cleaning tools

“A clean home is only as clean as the tool that was used for cleaning. If you are not cleaning your cleaning tools such as sponges, cloths, brushes, etc. after you use them, they will just be depositing the germs they picked up and spreading them around to a new area.” First Fruits Landscaping

Don’t forget to wash the bedding

“Many times, we do not realize the number of germs that can build up on the soft surfaces of our beds. It is recommended that you wash your bedding once a week. For some households, this just is not feasible to fit into a busy schedule. At the very least bedding should be washed every two weeks. To help out you could consider purchasing an extra set of bedding for every bed so that you do not need to wash it so often. Additionally, the mattress should be vacuumed before clean sheets are put back on. Once a year you should make sure to have your mattress steam cleaned.” – Joe Hayden – Louisville Realtor®

Don’t forget about your toothbrush

“It is a good idea to run your toothbrush through your dishwasher just like you would utensils about once a week. Make sure you are switching out to a brand-new toothbrush head or a completely new toothbrush every couple of months. Toothbrushes are a germ hotspot and making sure they are clean will help to significantly reduce illness.” – Tina Saporito – Palm Desert Real Estate expert

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