How to prep your home before your new windows arrive?

Now that you have chosen the right windows and contractor for your window replacement project, the next step is to prepare your home for a hassle-free installation process. It will help to know what to put in place or remove from your home to make the installation seamless and stress-free for the contractor or installer. Read the tips below to prep your home appropriately before your new windows arrive.

1. Prepare The Space Outside The Window

The installer will unavoidably work outside the home to install the window. As a result, you should prepare the space by removing pots, planters, shrubs, furniture, and other items that may obstruct the easy movements of materials and installers. This will save time that will be used for the window replacement. A good example is given by window replacement in the Barrie area.

2. Prepare The Space Inside Around The Window

Also, you need to clear the space around the window inside the room where the window is located. Move aside any furniture around the window so that there will be enough space for the installers to work without being obstructed. Besides, your property will be protected from damage from the accidental fall of tools.

3. Remove Window Covering and Other Accessories

The window replacement project may be disturbed by window covering and other ornamental items hung on the window, such as pictures, paintings, and other decors. This will allow the installers to work without the fear of damaging any wall hangings or paintings.

4. Clear The Road Within The House

The contractor handling the window replacement needs free space to move materials and for other employees to move. As a result, move furniture, table, electronic appliances, etc. away from the walls where the window replacement will take place.

5. Protect Your Belongings

Even if the contractor has promised to protect your belongings from damage, nothing stops you to protect your belongings personally. Get a tarp, a canvas drop cloth, or plastic sheeting to cover your properties and protect them against dust. Your carpet, furniture, electronics, and other items must be covered with the drop cloth or plastic sheeting until the window replacement project is completed.

6. Get Ready

Having fixed a date for the window replacement, ensure that you are around to open your doors to the contractor and the crew. If you will not be around, arrange with a member of the family to be around to give them access to the home. Besides, you should keep in mind to turn off your security or alarm system on the appointment date.


Follow the steps explained above to prep your home before your new windows arrive. Preparing your home before the replacement windows arrive will speed up the window replacement project, as the installers can start working immediately.

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