How To Prepare Your Garden For Summertime

The seasonality of gardens is an important consideration for those who want to maintain the beauty and value of their outdoor spaces throughout the year. This is because few garden designs are appropriate for all seasons and climates, with the natural landscape also changing as the year progresses. As such, residents must make certain considerations, looking ahead and adapting their outdoors spaces accordingly.

As we head into Spring, gardens will likely be revelling in the warmer weather and begin excitedly planting their seeds and seedlings for the year ahead. However, springtime is also a period when gardens must think about the coming summer and how longer days and warmer weather will affect their landscape.

Remove Your Weeds

Springtime brings about a number of wonderful young greens and even early flowers, such as primrose. However, it is also a time when weeds begin to appear. Those that aren’t readily taken care of will, as the summer arrives, become more established by the summertime and then become even more difficult to remove.

This is why, during the spring, it is important that gardeners not only take to removing the weeds that took hold of their soil during the winter period but also keep on top of the smaller shoots appearing as Spring progresses. Those that don’t may soon find their flowers and vegetables outnumbered.

Collect Rainwater

Dryer periods generally occur during the summer and in recent years there have even been droughts across the UK. Such droughts have led to water shortages and hosepipe usage restrictions. Those gardeners who thought ahead, however, installing water butts and rainwater collection tanks experienced fewer shortages, having their own resource of water to use through the summer.

Create Spaces

Enjoying a garden area during the summer requires a consideration of space. Whether you wish the room to sunbathe, an area to dine, or the capacity to welcome guests, a garden will need to be organised accordingly. Log cabins have become increasingly celebrated as they allow for many activities to be enjoyed while also offering value throughout the year, being a shaded interior during the summer and a cosy nook during the winter.

Clean Garden Furniture

Outdoor furniture, no matter how robust, will always require maintenance. During the winter period, especially for items that are left outdoors, furniture will be exposed to dramatic weather patterns, often causing dirt and decay to occur. To ensure that furniture not only remains comfortable but also long-lasting, the spring and summertime should be an opportunity to maintain and refresh such outdoor assets.

Invest In Solar

There has been a significant increase in solar panel interest over the past decade and, as a result, solar technology is becoming more efficient and affordable. Those with garden spaces may often find themselves benefiting from solar panels, such as those that sit atop garden sheds, generating power for tools and even small vehicles, such as electric bikes. By setting up such systems before the summer months, homeowners ensure themselves lower energy bills and greater outdoor utility for the year ahead.

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