Legal requirements you need to fulfill to get a swimming pool in India!

The mere idea of bathing in a comforting pool in summery hot brings pleasure to the mind. But as easy it is to think about a pool, as hard it is to get a pool constructed in India. What all are the things that you need to take care of before getting a swimming pool? Certainly, not all land types are suitable for swimming pools. You need an expert to know if a pool is feasible for you or not. Radvi has a large network that helps in identifying key plot areas suitable for a pool. Learn more about it from experts before you make a mistake..

Apart from the condition of the land, there are legal and safety requirements. We will reveal to you all the things you need to know if you dream of a pool.

1 – The legal limitations!

Because we are living in times where climate change is drooling over us as a monstrous threat, we are shifting our consciousness towards the environment. Swimming pools use huge amounts of water and thus not everyone can have it. Thus, you must first get the legal consultation done if you can have a pool or not. Generally, consulting a property consultant works best.

If you are constructing a pool for commercial purposes, you need to follow these legal steps –

  •         Have a licence that allows you to run a pool for commercial purposes.
  •         The paperwork must have the source of water, size, depth, safety measures, etc.

2 – The financial limitations

Next comes finance, which is one of the most important aspects of any property investment. Radvi says, it is wise to know your horsepower before climbing a terrain than climbing terrain and thus knowing it later on. A swimming pool is a luxury and thus it lives on plates full of money. Here are a few key areas that might consume the digits in your bank account –

  •         The construction cost
  •         Licensing and other paperwork
  •         Running cost of the pool including water, filtering, cleaning, and maintenance

One must always be known of these areas and be prepared.

3 – The safety factor

You might want to enjoy the pool and not suffer in it. Earlier great tragedies were happening within the pool because of a lack of safety standards. One big case where a girl died due to getting sucked by the pool drainage changed it all. Now you need to follow certain safety standards if you want a pool. For example, the water drainage system must conform to the safety standards. Consult your architect to know the safety requirements that need to be followed to avoid fines and penalties.

4 – Paperwork

If you are wondering that it only takes masonry and hands to get a swimming pool done, consider yourself wrong. It also takes a hell lot of paperwork until you are allowed to dive in and relax. Here are a few areas that need your consideration –

  •         Ownership proof
  •         Images of the swimming pool taken after its construction
  •         Pre-approved site-plan
  •         NOC  from the police of the specific state and area.
  •         Police verification of the owner.

These steps need to be met to have a pool in India. An individual cannot go through all this in his/her own capacity. One must hire a property expert to help you throughout the process. Radvi has a large network that helps in identifying key plot areas and thus you might want to consult them for the same. Learn more about the different styles and costs of swimming pools in India.

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