Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Barn Doors

Have you decided on purchasing a barn door and quickly decided to go on the internet typing “Barn Door for Sale”? Whilst Barn Doors is an amazing renovation idea for homeowners to give it a bit of spark or life, there are some pitfalls that you should be wary of when purchasing Barn Doors for Sale. Today we will have a quick overview of some major pitfalls you should avoid when purchasing Barn Doors for Sale.


The measurement of Barn Doors is very different for conventional swinging doors. The opening of a Barn Door requires space for it to slide rather than swing open. When considering Barn Doors for sale it requires enough width to slide over the area you wish to conceal as well as enough space to retract completely back without poking out like a sore thumb. Moreover, the height of barn doors requires some additional space as you need sufficient space to install the hardware and frames to secure the barn door. When purchasing barn doors for sale, you must ensure you have adequate room, so measure carefully and don’t be afraid of conserving space, you need to ensure you have sufficient space to properly install the barn door.

Protective Wood Finishes

Protective wood finishes create a seal with a finishing and spectacular touch. Due to the nature of sliding barn doors, they are susceptible to warping, twisting, and cupping. When looking at barn doors for sale, consider protective wood finishes. Barn doors with protective wood finishes can prevent moisture and temperature from affecting the wood but also allows it to be more durable and maintain its proper colour. Have a browse at our barn doors for sale with hundreds of protective wood finishes!

Low Quality Metal and Incorrect Hardware

Look for stainless steel or steel as they are durable, sturdier, and great quality hardware options in barn doors for sale. Aluminium is predominant in many barn doors for sale, but they cost less and are of lower quality and will not last long enough. Ensure that the metal you choose however, is appropriate and is maintained properly, depending on conditions and temperature a different metal is required. Moreover, using the correct hardware for installation can make your life far easier. With incorrect hardware for barn doors for sale, you may find it difficult to install or damage areas around the wall giving you more headaches.


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