Murano Glass Sculptures of Animals, the Flora and Fauna of Venice.

Murano is a little island near Venice, Italy visited by thousands of tourists for its beautiful scenery that represents Venice more authentically. Murano however is well known all over the world because it is the home of extraordinary glass-made items through traditional techniques that trade back to the 1000s! Glass Masters in Murano work every day in the furnaces and realize fantastic creations such as glassware items, centerpieces for your home décor, and even mirror’s frames.

Lately, Artisans in Murano started experimenting more and more with shapes and colors a found themselves interested in the creation of proper sculptures of glass. One of the main themes around them is of course the Flora and Fauna of the Venice Lagoon mixed with the artist’s imagination. From birds to fishes and turtles, Murano Glass Sculptures figurative of Animals are beautiful and able to create a lovely atmosphere in every room. Being the result of artistry and skills, they are the perfect decorative items to add a touch of extra character to your home environment. Try expressing your personality through shapes and colors and let a little Venice bring new life to your room.

Venice’s Lagoon is elegant and natural. Its waves and sounds inspire our artisans who challenge themselves in creating the most spectacular glass artworks authentic to Murano and Venice’s panorama. The blown glass Sculptures will provide you with the thrilling experience of bringing back to life your images associated with the lagoon setting, as well as the prospect of adding elegance to your house. Fishes for example are the epitome of this kind of art piece. Their main characteristic is that they seem to be moving thanks to the choice of colors, shades, and lines of the final product. Try displaying them as decorative pieces all over your house to fully dive into the World of Venice.

Showcase then your likes and ideas, express your artistry through our products at Yourmurano. The two main features of these stunning sculptures are movement and freedom. From sinuous and calm-giving forms to the most fundamental and simple, we offer a diverse range of glass sculpture shapes in our inventory. Don’t be scared to take a risk and showcase one of these incredible furniture elements in your living room or atrium; you’ll wow everyone with your outstanding artistic flair! A distinct style that defines genuine Made in Italy design. With these works of art, your interior will then be undoubtedly revitalized. The colors will enliven the mood and make your family surroundings sparkle, not to mention the fantastic forms and tints! We are sure their eye-catching style will captivate not only all of your guests but everyone!

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