Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance

With various researchers concluding that the use of artificial materials in homes accelerators the rate at which fire spreads, it is important to have a sufficient number of well installed and maintained smoke alarms with the smoke alarm installation carried out by a reputable firm such as Mr Glow Electricals. The installation will give you sufficient time to evacuate the premise and also for fire fighters to put the flames out to minimize economic damages.

As such, this article will walk you through the various ways major types of fire alarms work and how to properly maintain them.

Types of smoke alarms

The two most used smoke alarms are the ionization and photo electric smoke alarms.

Ionization smoke alarms tend to be more responsive to flaming fires.

They work on the basis that.; a meniscalamount of radioactive material placed between two electrically charged plates ionize the air causing current to flow.

When smoke diffuses into the chamber, it interferes with the flow of ions reducing the current flow thus triggering the alarm.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are more responsive to flames that begin with a long smoldering period

They work on the basis that; a light source is aimed into a sensing chamber at an angle away from the sensors. Smoke entering the chamber reflects light to the light sensor triggering the alarm.

The difference in design was not unintentional as research into the topic has shown that numerous house fires will either be smoldering or flaming. As such, it is advisable to have both the Ionization smoke alarms and photoelectric smoke alarms installed in your home for better safety.

Smoke Alarm Installation Guide

  • When selecting smoke alarms, pick ones certified by reputable smoke alarm firms
  • Install smoke alarms inside bedrooms and every floor of your home, the basement included
  • Install smoke alarms a minimal of 3m from cooking appliances to avoid false alarms
  • Never install smoke alarms near ducts, windows or doors that might cause drafts that will interfere with their operations
  • If your ceiling board is pitched install the alarm within three feet of the peak but not at the peak’s apex.

Smoke alarm Maintenance

  • Test the smoke alarm at least once a month
  • Use the instructor specified procedures to clean the appliance
  • If the smoke alarm chirps, indicating low battery, carry out battery replacement immediately using manufacture issued list of batteries.
  • Painting or sticking objects on smoke alarms ought to be avoided as such practices will interfere with their efficiency
  • Interconnection of smoke detectors is called for as it will ensure all alarms operate in sync with each other. However, note that this requires hard wiring that has to be done by professionals. If you are in search of a reputable installer, you might like to contact Mr. Glow electricals for their assistance in your installation.
  • With interconnected alarms, all the alarms must come from a single manufacturer for compatibility reasons
  • The manufacturer issued user manual ought to be kept safe for future reference.


Smoke alarms are an integral part of building safety. As such, it is highly recommended that you have professional smoke alarm installation personnel such as from the reputable Mr. Glow electricals to carry out the smoke alarm installation.

 However, when it comes to the maintenance of the smoke alarms, follow the above-mentioned steps and the smoke alarm should serve you for an adequate period of time. However, in case of complications, consult a professional.

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