Steps to clean your dishes the right way

The basic maintenance of any household requires the execution of certain chores on a day-to-day basis. A wide variety of chores need to be followed in a household to ensure smooth functioning and cleanliness of the house. Some of these chores include cleaning the floor, washing clothes, cleaning dishes, etc.

Cleaning dishes is one of the most important chores as food is consumed regularly throughout the day in any household. Therefore, dishes and other cutlery items need to be cleaned regularly to make these items fresh and ready for the next meal. It is also important to know the right procedure for cleaning dishes as it will help to increase efficiency and the level of cleanliness while following this chore.

Before we look at the right process of cleaning dishes, it is equally important to have the right product to assist with the cleaning process. While following chores like cleaning floors and disinfecting surfaces, it is necessary to have the right floor cleaner and disinfectant wipes respectively to achieve a thorough cleaning. Similarly, to get the best result while cleaning dishes, it is important to use the right dishwashing liquid.

You can use Nimeasy Dishwash Liquid Gel for cleaning all your dishes and cutlery every day. The Nimeasy Dishwash Liquid Gel comes with Enzyme Technology that provides effective cleaning that helps in the easy removal of grease and oil. This dishwashing liquid gel also removes bad odor from utensils while providing a refreshing Lemon Citrus fragrance.

Here’s a look at the steps to follow to clean your dishes the right way

Scraping the Excess Food

Before cleaning the dishes, it is important to remove all the leftover food on the utensils. Carefully remove all the leftover particles from the dishes and make sure to throw them away in the garbage or compost. This will also ensure that the sink doesn’t clog with all these excess leftover particles. Next, slightly rinse the dishes with water to prepare them for the cleaning process.

Soak the Dishes

It is important to soak all the utensils in water, preferably hot water, to ease the removal of oil, grease, and other sticky leftovers on them. This can be done by filling the sink with water to 3/4th capacity and then resting all the dishes and utensils for about 30 mins. Another method is to fill bigger utensils such as cooking pots, pans, bowls, etc. individually with water and let them rest for the same amount of time.

Wash Thoroughly with Dishwashing Liquid

Simply take a small amount of dishwashing liquid in a small bowl or add the liquid directly to the cleaning sponge or cloth. Next, add water to the dishwashing gel to create foam for cleaning the dishes. Then using the cleaning sponge or cloth, clean all the dishes and utensils to get rid of all the remaining dirt. Then thoroughly wash the cleaning foam from the dishes by using a good amount of water.

Dry the Dishes

After the cleaning is done, put the dishes and other utensils in a drying rack. You can let the dishes dry on their own or you can use a separate drying cloth to speed up the process. Follow the complete process from smaller utensils first and later move slowly to the bigger ones.

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