The Advantages Of A Boiling Water Tap

Although boiling water taps aren’t a new item to have within your home, they are generally viewed as a fairly luxurious item to have however they have become increasingly popular over recent years. Many kitchen design companies now provide a boiling water tap as a kitchen accessory alongside their kitchens. For example, Buster & Punch sell their very own range of Boiling Water Taps, incorporating hot, cold, filtered and boiling water from one mixer tap. But why have these kitchen appliances become so popular and what are the advantages of incorporating them into your home?

First of all, the main benefit of a boiling water tap is that they are energy efficient, particularly if you are partial to a cuppa several times a day. Boiling water taps only heat water that is required, therefore they are more energy-efficient than boiling a full kettle of water every time you want a hot drink and you also stop wasting water you do not need.

Another benefit of a boiling water tap is that it is cost-effective. Having a boiling water tap in your home can save you money on your energy bills in comparison to kettles, as previously mentioned, they save unneeded water and you abundantly cut down on energy within the reboiling process as the water is kept hot. Boiling water taps also have a longer lifespan than traditional kettles, which can help you save money in the long term.

If you have children in the house or you are prone to burning yourself, then a boiling water tap is perfect for you. Boiling water taps are very safe as they include safety features, for example, childproof handles which are locked and automatic shut-off to prevent accidental burns. With them being attached to your worktop, they can not tip over as a kettle could.

A boiling water tap is also multi-use as it can be used for more than just making a hot drink. Instead, they can be used as a sterilisation tool to clean baby bottles, they can easily blanch vegetables, or quickly dissolve gelatin when baking.

Finally, believe it or not, there are health benefits associated with drinking water from a boiling water tap. This is mainly because boiling water kills any bacteria and removes impurities from the water, which helps with its safety. Therefore if you have a boiling water tap in your home, you will always have access to clean water.

In conclusion, there are many advantages of incorporating a boiling water tap within your home, and some you may not have ever thought of. Therefore we recommend you invest in one today to ensure that you are saving money, and energy and drinking safe water.

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