The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless sewer replacement is a method used to repair sewer pipes without digging and removing large portions of walls, floors, or foundations to get to the building’s pipes. Trenchless sewer replacement repairs existing pipes internally by using a host, which is the deteriorated pipe. This repair method replaces the disruptive and costly trench digging followed by the conventional pipe repair methods.

The Different Types of Trenchless Sewer Replacement

There are varying methods used in trenchless sewer repair for both commercial and residential properties.

Cured-in-Place Lining

This trenchless sewer replacement method uses an inflatable tube covered in epoxy. This tube is usually inserted into the sewer line. The tube is then inflated and pressed against the existing sewer. The epoxy then hardens and repairs the source of the leak. Once this is done, the inflatable tube is then removed.

Pipe Bursting

This method of trenchless sewer replacement uses a cone-shaped bit, which is inserted into the existing pipe. The bit destroys the damaged pipe and then replaces it with a new one.

Pipe Coating

This trenchless sewer replacement method replaces small cracks and holes in the existing pipes. This method uses a pipe coating machine that pushes epoxy into the pipe. The machine has rotating brushes that apply resin to the pipe while the epoxy is being pushed into the pipe.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Minimal Damage to the Yard

Trenchless sewer replacement is not like modern methods that damage the yard to get to the pipes. Trenchless pipe repair uses modern machinery that eliminates the need for digging a huge trench. The contractors only dig small holes at the exit and entrance of the pipes. These small holes allow machinery to install the liner, which is needed in replacing the pipes.

Minimal Time

Trenchless sewer replacement only requires less time because there is no digging of large trenches. This method incorporates the use of numerous machines and sensors that detect solid objects on the ground. These objects may include pipes, foundations, and tree roots. Once they are identified, the contractor is able to alter the course of the pipe accordingly to prevent damaging these objects. Unlike conventional methods, trenchless sewer replacement can take a maximum of three days.

Sometimes, the process can be completed in less than three days if the repairs are small. Conventional methods normally take weeks to complete. During this time, homeowners have to deal with the sewer line difficulties that made them call the plumbing professionals. They also have to deal with the presence of plumbing professionals on their property until they complete the work. This can be avoided by choosing trenchless sewer replacement.


Another crucial merit of trenchless sewer replacement is that it is cheap. When digging large trenches to repair underground pipes, the destruction affects decorative patios, walkways, and landscaping. Fixing this damage can be very expensive for most people. The overall cost of repairing a sewer line is lowered through trenchless sewer replacement. Again, trenchless sewer replacement doesn’t require the hiring of multiple contractors. This minimizes the labor costs one has to pay. Therefore, trenchless sewer replacement allows one to save money when repairing underground pipes.

More Efficiency

Trenchless sewer replacement provides higher quality repairs. This is because of the use of liners and seamless piping again. The contractors that complete trenchless sewer replacement are highly qualified, and they have the skills needed to complete a high-quality repair job PVB piping is used during trenchless sewer replacement, and these pipes are resistant to rust and corrosion. This means once they are installed, homeowners never have to deal with sewage problems in the future.

Minimal Interruptions

Replacing sewer lines is a process characterized by loud, irritating noises. These noises make it hard for people working from home or kids trying to sleep. Considering the process takes days, it can be inconvenient for homeowners. Neighbors might even start complaining to the management. This is why trenchless sewer replacement is a better option. Trenchless repair machines don’t create loud noises when digging and repairing the sewer lines. Everyone can continue with their daily lives as the pipes get repaired.

Cleaner Water

A new liner is installed during trenchless sewer replacement to replace the damaged sewer lines. This means one can gain access to drinking water that is healthier and cleaner than it was before. Bacteria, dirt, and mold are all eliminated, leaving clean water behind. The trenchless sewer replacement is completed by licensed and specialized trenchless repair services, and they do a quality job.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Trenchless sewer replacement utilizes specialized equipment and techniques to replace and repair sewer lines without causing any ecological damage. There is no need to dig up the earth and affect the roots of the surrounding plants. Therefore, it is a great replacement alternative for people that are keen on protecting the environment.

Improved Function of the Sewer System

The flow capacity of sewer lines is improved when damaged pipes are replaced using trenchless sewer repair. When using this method, damaged pipes are replaced with advanced pipe liners and larger pipes. These pipes improve the flow capacity of the sewer lines, allowing them to handle more wastewater loads. The types of materials used in trenchless sewer replacement are not vulnerable to the same type of deterioration as older pipe materials. This further increases the longevity of the sewer line. Conventional sewer repair methods only focus on replacing the damaged section of the pipe. Trenchless sewer replacement, on the other hand, creates a new sewer line from the inside. This method improves the structural integrity of the entire sewer line. As a result, joints and other areas of weakness are completely eliminated.


Whenever one is dealing with plumbing or sewer line issues, trenchless sewer replacement may be one of the most effective methods to use to fix damaged sewer pipes. Trenchless sewer replacement is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and it allows homeowners and business owners to enjoy all the benefits highlighted above.

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