The Best Water Dispensers to Buy in 2022

Everybody needs to drink water daily, it’s essential to our wellbeing and staying hydrated is always recommended to maintain good health. For your home, buying a water dispenser for access to clean water at the temperature of your choice. There are multiple features to look out for when buying a water dispenser but to make your life easier, you can choose from our list of the best water dispensers to buy in 2022.

Toshiba’s Top Loading Water Dispenser

Known for various home appliances, Toshiba didn’t fall behind in providing the best water dispensers in the market. Try their top-loading water dispenser yourself, and you’ll see for yourself. It’s made out of stainless steel, with a 20L storage cabinet.

Choose a color that matches your other kitchen appliances, the Toshiba water dispenser is available in both black and white. The water dispenser comes with three water spouts to choose the temperature you want for your water, either ambient, chill, or hot water. The best part is there’s no need to worry about children playing with water and causing a mess because it comes with a child lock feature.

Avalon Top Loading Water Dispenser

Avalon’s top-loading water dispenser is another top-loading water dispenser that made it to the list of the best ones in 2022. It is simple and similar to the other coolers you see. It’s easy to use and has been approved by Energy Star, which means by using it, you’re making a difference and participating in saving the planet.

Unlike Toshiba’s water dispenser, Avalon’s has two spouts for cold and hot water at the temperature of your choice. You can adjust it and turn on the child safety lock if the water is too hot.

Avalon Countertop Water Dispenser

You might not have space for a big water dispenser. Therefore, you might be looking for a countertop water dispenser. It can be placed on top of a counter to utilize the space. The best countertop water dispenser is Avalon’s. Like the top-loading dispenser, it only comes with two spouts, and you can control the temperature with the knobs on the back.

In addition, there’s a child-safety lock although it’ll be hard to reach by children. The downside of this water dispenser is that it’s top-loaded and not energy efficient.

Panasonic Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

If you’re looking for a bottom-loading water dispenser, then Panasonic’s bottom load water dispenser is the answer. Not only does it come with three different water temperatures for you to choose from, but there are multiple features that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Firstly, just like other water dispensers, it’s made of stainless steel but with an anti-fingerprint feature. You won’t have to worry about fingerprint stamps all over. If you have children, you can activate the child lock feature to prevent any accidents. Finally, there’s a double safety device to prevent overheating.

The only downside is it’s only available in black.

Giantex Top Loading Water Dispenser

You don’t want to pay a fortune to buy a water dispenser. That’s why Giantex Primo Home is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. Just like other water dispensers, it has a simple design and child safety lock feature. Moreover, it’s easy to clean thanks to the detachable water barrel seat, and the anti-dust mite is part of its design.

However, it feels like it takes some time to pour the water. Still, it’s an excellent value for what you’re paying.

Choose one of the following water dispensers. They’re the best in the market for a really good price. The child lock feature will leave you worry-free about any accidents taking place, and you can adjust the temperature the way you like it. What more can you ask for?

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