In the modern-day, patio sunscreens have become an integral part of summer living. With summer temperatures hitting highs of 100degrees and more in various parts, patio sunscreen provides an excellent solution. For many homes, the patio becomes unusable during summer because of the scorching sun limiting outdoor activities. But you can reclaim your patio in the summer by installing roll-down sunscreens to add a comfortable and functional space to your home.

Patio sunscreens come in the form of manual or motorized shades that you can outfit in your patio structure. Also, a patio sunscreen can be customized if you don’t already have a patio structure. Here are the benefits of patio sunscreens.

Block UV rays while maintaining the view

The purpose of a patio is to add functional living space to your home where you can enjoy outdoor activities while enjoying a nice view of your front yard. However,  the scorching sun during summer can limit that. One advantage of installing a patio sunscreen is that it blocks the harmful UV rays while maintaining your outdoor view or breeze. It also prevents the discoloration of patio furniture and other fixtures in your patio because they are kept out of the glare.

Widespread sun protection

Some homeowners prefer to install umbrellas and pergolas to block the sun, which may not be the best idea. Compared to umbrellas and pergolas, a patio sunscreen provides widespread sun protection because it covers more areas. Plus, an umbrella can be blown over by the wind. A patio sunscreen blocks the entire structure from the sun rays regardless of the angle.

Provides more privacy

Besides sun protection, a patio sunscreen provides more privacy without distracting your view of the yard or any other scenery. At times, it may be hard to enjoy your patio peacefully because of a lack of privacy, especially when your neighbors can view the patio. The best thing about patio sunscreens is that they can be custom fit into your patio structure or extend from an existing part of the house.

Provides a wind barrier

If excessive windy days prevent you from enjoying your patio, worry not. A patio sunscreen also provides a wind barrier during extremely windy days allowing you to enjoy your patio regardless of the circumstances. That helps you cost-effectively accommodate your outdoor living needs.

Eliminate the nuisance of bugs

The nuisance of bugs in your patio can drive you and your friends indoors. Similar to how window screens allow you to enjoy the outside view without letting in bugs, patio sunscreens let you enjoy the outdoor breeze while reducing the amount of bugs that can access your patio.

Improves your home value

Installing patio sunscreens not only improve your outdoor living but also boosts the value of your property. Since they make your outdoor dwelling place more attractive, they improve the resale value should you sell the property in the future. They also make your home stand out.

The bottom line

Patio sunscreens are a must-have if you want to enjoy your outdoor living during summer. They are made to last through different weather conditions and can be custom installed to accommodate your living needs.

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