Tips For Landscaping: Know How To Divide Your Space Into Several Parts

Landscaping with Earth Development for example must comply with standards. A friendly and functional garden should be divided into several parts.

There are in particular:

Relaxation areas: This can be an outdoor living room, the garden dining room, etc.

Play areas: these are swimming pools, parks for children, all kinds of land, etc.

Decorative spaces: these are the flower beds and the various natural decorations.

Finally, the paths allow you to take advantage of all of these facilities.

The layout of the space will depend on the area available. Having all these spaces is not mandatory. If you have a large garden, adding more is possible. This is the case, for example, of a vegetable garden. It’s been a big trend for a few years now.

Rely On The Style Of Your Interior Design

You must rely on your interior design style to choose your garden’s theme using a commercial landscaper near me for example. Remember that the outdoor space is simply an extension of your indoor living space. Therefore, a coherent decoration is needed. A garden can be personalized as you see fit. You can choose between vintage, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, cocooning, etc. Choose your furniture accordingly.

Besides, you should use the same color codes in your interior and garden decoration. Don’t settle for “green.” Bright colors such as red, yellow, pink, and many others also invite themselves perfectly into this space—something to bring a touch of friendliness and cheerfulness to your garden.

Start With Plans

Start with plans to carry out your project and spend the minimum on your outdoor decoration. Draw each space to be able to delimit them as it should and to be able to highlight them. Plans also allow you to manage future work properly.

Plan all the details of your landscaping in your plans. It can be the different living spaces with the rendering and style you want to have. It can also be the different flower beds or the location of the paths, as well as the location of the different lighting systems necessary in the layout of your garden.

Play With Flooring

Make no mistake! Grass, artificial or not, is not the only ground covering in the garden. You can better structure the different spaces by playing with the different alternatives on the market. For decorative spaces, the lawn is a good idea. So, you don’t have to invest in a particularly robust lawn resistant to trampling.

We would rather look for wood in the relaxation area, such as the terrace or the outdoor ledge area. Parquet is a timeless decoration. It is both aesthetic and comfortable. It will also be consistent with any decoration theme. Specialty stores can offer accessories that withstand years of outdoor living conditions.

Why not let yourself be seduced by gravel on the playgrounds and around the swimming pool? It is practical and economical. It’s easy to maintain. It adapts to all spaces. The layout will only cost you around ten euros per m3.

For driveways, you can choose between slabs, slates, tiles, etc. In any case, having a linear layout on this part of your garden is no longer mandatory. You can be creative to bring originality to your decoration. Place the accessories randomly to cover the entire path and ensure the functionality of your garden.

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