Top 5 Hardwood Colours and Stains for 2021

With the availability of an array of hardwood colours and stains, it can be quite challenging for you to select any option for your property in 2021. Unfortunately, it is a decision you need to make as you want to add finishing touches to your home.

To assist you to choose the right options, this post will take a look at the top 5 hardwood colours and stains for 2021.

1. White oak

As long as trendy hardwood flooring colours and stains are concerned, white oak is a well-known option. It features smooth, tight grains that are durable and beautiful. In 2021, it is one of the topmost choices for homes with modern décors.

Apart from its obvious aesthetics, white oak tends to withstand moisture more than other hardwood flooring options. Besides, white oak hardwood floors can be stained in different ways; hence, it tends to be a versatile option.

2. Bright painted hardwood

Warmth and softness are some of the most notable features of bright painted hardwood flooring. This option can withstand scratches and other blemishes. In addition, it can be repainted as many times as you want. It is suitable for different rooms including the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Also, you cannot have any issue with blending bright painted hardwood with any kind of appliances, furnishings, and wall colours inside your room.

3. Distressed style

Lots of people are looking for ways to add a rustic feel to the modern furnishing and other elements in their homes. As a consequence of this, distressed style is one of the biggest hardwood flooring colours and stains for 2021. The look of raised grains, scrapes, holes and other elements of this style make you feel as if you are living in the 16th century.

It should be noted that distressed style can be used for different parts of a home. However, it is more suitable for the living area.

4. Graphite hardwood

Graphite hardwood colours and stains are dark, rich, and astounding. When used correctly, they can bring some calmness into your living space. This hardwood option is often recommended for staining existing floors with some blemishes and imperfections.

If you want your room to appear bigger, taller, and brighter, combine your graphic hardwood with a light wall and bright-coloured furnishings.

5. Blonde hardwood

The last option on the list of our top 5 hardwood colours and stains for 2021 is blonde hardwood. Notably, blonde hardwood doesn’t need much introduction as it has been in existence for an extended period. It creates a top-notch neutral backdrop that can boost the look of any space.

Its versatility ensures that you can use it for almost any room regardless of the walls, cabinetry, etc. Also, it suits different types of buildings include beach houses and Scandinavian houses.

With the information provided above, you now know the top 5 hardwood colours and stains for 2021. You can also consider working with your designer before choosing any particular hardwood colours and stains for your home.

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