Types of Paver Block Patterns for Your Home Driveway

Block paving is a popular choice for driveways in wigan. Since block paving comes in various styles, sizes, and colors, you can utilize a variety of designs. Depending on the paving you choose for your driveway or patio, the number of laying options will vary. Are you planning to install block paving in your home driveway and not sure of the patterns to go for?


Check out the comprehensive guide below.


1. Herringbone


Herringbone is the most prevalent form of block paving driveways in Wigan. It’s laid in a 45 or 90-degree pattern that squares off your home. Standard block paving 200 x 100 with two projecting lines as spacers commonly used for herringbone pavement. 


These protruding lines allow them to interlock, leaving space for kiln-dried sand, which you brush to the joint when set in a herringbone pattern.


2. Stretcher bond


The stretcher bond design is also common. It is where the paving gets offset so that it lays halfway to lock in together. You will notice this style of laying patterns on a patio or footpath and rarely on the road. The fundamental reason is that the interlocking impact is not as powerful.

Stretcher bond has advantages, particularly in narrow or smaller portions. Where you can square things up or if herringbone is incorporated, which would necessitate extensive cutting, compromising the integrity of the completed paving.


3. Permeable paving 


If water is an issue in your location, you can employ permeable paving. Permeable pavers come in the same styles as traditional block and Tegula paving. The colors are similar, but the permeable edging is different because it is designed to keep a wide spacing, allowing water to infiltrate the underlying breathable base foundation.


4. Cobblestone paving 


There are two types of cobblestone paving available. The natural cobblestones are constructed of chopped granite stone. This is a good option for color conservation and durability, but it’s expensive. The alternative is to use manufactured cobblestones created from concrete and granite stone. They’re just as challenging, but the color conservation isn’t quite as good.


5. Tegula paving 


Tegula paving comes in various styles, but the ones you choose can get primarily determined by the sizes you’ll be utilizing. Tegula pavement is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Initially, its intention was to be made with all three dimensions; however, you may see it laid with either two or one large sizes. The above example comprises two sizes, large and tiny, and set out in a herringbone pattern.


6. Courtyard


Pavers that have been rumbled or weathered for a rough-hewn vintage look get utilized in courtyard arrangements. The component blocks come packed in a unique collection of sizes that fit together to provide you with the intended appearance. These patterns are frequently pre-configured, making it easy for your contractor to reproduce the design you require.


Bottom line 


Your driveway adds a particular beauty to your home. However, paver blocks come in different patterns. And it’s advisable to choose the right match for your home. If you are logging for a perfect design for your driveway, the above are excellent types you can consider.


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