What causes a collapsed drain?

You can have a collapsed drain in your drainage system if you are having drainage problems. Here, we’ll examine the price of fixing a collapsed drain and determine whether a drain replacement is necessary or not.

What causes a drain to collapse?

When a drainpipe sustains enough damage to cave in on itself, it can result in collapsed drains. This is frequently brought on by natural events or changes in the weather, such as extremely cold temperatures that lead drains to freeze, intense rain, or tree rot infiltration. Other reasons include normal wear and tear, which weakens the drains over time. No matter what the cause, it’s crucial to get in touch with a technician right at once to get the system fixed or replaced to prevent more harm.

What are the primary indicators of a blocked drain?

Like many drainage problems, the root of the problem may be difficult to locate because it may be inaccessible to the tenants. Signs of a collapsed drain will be apparent if unattended. The primary warning indicators to watch out for are sinking garden areas, an unpleasant odour, slow-draining sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, and early indications of wetness in the dwelling.

Repair costs for a collapsed drain

Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard price for a collapsed drain. The extent of the damage and whether it can be repaired will determine how much it will cost to mend a collapsed drain. For drain replacements and repairs due to collapse, you should budget at least £810 and £375, respectively. For drain repairs, it is typical for specialists to charge roughly £100 per metre, while replacement drains cost about £535 per metre. This is why getting your drains inspected sooner rather than later can end up saving you money.

If you are in need of drainage repairs or replacements, it is important to find experienced engineers who can successfully locate the damage without causing further issues. Contacting drainage specialists, such as those at DASA, means that you can have your drain issues diagnosed and fixed quickly without disturbance.

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