What Does a Roof Inspection Entail?

The roof is without doubt the most important component of any structure, as it keeps out the harsh elements, and for most UK homeowners, the best way to ensure their roof is in good order is to arrange an annual roof inspection. Here are a few aspects of a roof inspection:

  • Close Inspection of Roof Tiles – If you lose a few roof tiles, this could result in rainwater entering the internal structure of the roof, and if your roof was damaged by a heavy storm, there is an emergency roofer in Southampton who could be there very quickly and carry out effective repairs.

  • Cleaning Out the Guttering – Your guttering provides an essential escape route for excess rainwater and should it become blocked, the water will run down the outside walls. If you happen to have overhanging branches above your roof, the chances of a blocked gutter would increase.

  • Inspection of Fascia & Soffit Boards – While they look nice, the timber fascia and soffit boards protect the underside of the roof and should they become damaged or break free, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Many UK homeowners prefer to replace these boards with PVC sections, which require no maintenance and they come in a range of attractive colours.

  • Chimney & Flashing Examination – The chimney can easily be damaged by flying storm debris, while the flashing is also inspected for damage.

Regardless of the current condition of your roof, regular inspections are advised, as this will reveal any issues that can quickly be repaired.









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