What is a Garden Suite?

A garden suite is a supplementary living space on a property designed to complement the main residence in Toronto. These compact units, equipped with amenities like a kitchenette and bathroom, are commonly utilized for rental income or as independent living spaces for family members, offering flexibility and additional housing options.

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Why Prefer a Garden Suite Over any Attached Suite?

A garden suite is preferable to an attic or basement suite for a number of reasons. These benefits may outweigh the additional expenses associated with building a new facility.

1. Privacy

Garden suites offer enhanced privacy, especially when utilized as rental units rather than family living spaces. Opting for a garden suite means avoiding the presence of strangers within the main residence, providing distance, heightened security, and increased privacy.

This arrangement allows homeowners to go days or even weeks without encountering their garden suite tenants, a distinct advantage compared to having someone reside within the primary dwelling.

2. Legalities

Certain spaces like garages, attics, or basements might not meet legal suite requirements due to regulations such as fire codes and height restrictions.

Opting for a garden suite, a new standalone structure, eliminates the need to navigate complex regulations, preserving the existing home’s status. Additionally, it avoids shared utilities and simplifies cost separation, reducing potential complications.

3. Ease of Construction

Creating a rental suite within your home involves numerous contractors and potential disruptions for a month or more. The inconvenience of living amidst construction and inspections may be undesirable.

In contrast, a garden suite’s construction occurs in a separate area of your property, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. While noise may be a temporary concern, this approach allows you to maintain a sense of normalcy during the building process.

Refinancing to Build Additional Suites

Refinancing is one of the finest ways to get the money needed to develop a garden suite. You can raise the money required to construct garden suites on your properties by extracting the hard-earned equity from them and turning it into cash.

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