What Should Be Included At The End Of Tenancy Clean?

Anyone previously renting a home or flat has likely heard of “End of Tenancy Cleaning”. To attract high-quality renters, landlords are obsessive about maintaining a spotless building. End of Tenancy Clean is usually more extensive than regular cleaning. When a renter vacates a rental unit, they must perform a particular type of cleaning known as an “End of Tenancy Clean. “It’s up to the landlord or tenant to take on this duty. Before a new tenant moves in, performing this type of cleaning is essential.

Why Should I Invest At An End Of Tenancy Clean?

The Tenant Fees Act of 2019 expressly forbade any lease provision that required tenants to perform any cleaning at the end of a tenancy. However, the responsibility to return the premises clean and orderly still stands. The landlord typically holds a security deposit for the rental unit and must be placed in a government-backed deposit protection system. Most landlords are reluctant to return all this at the end of a lease because they believe the renter needs to clean the unit adequately.

What Should End Of Tenancy Cleaning Comprise Of?

It is essential to recall the general gist of an end-of-tenancy clean, what is specified in the lease, and any inventory or Schedule of Conditions.

While a thorough cleaning is essential, reasonable wear and tear from the renter are permitted to account for everyday use and the effects of the elements (such as fade from direct sunshine).

A long-term tenant will cause carpets to wear out and solid floors to show scuff marks due to normal wear and tear. Some of the paint on the walls or the furnishings may have faded.

Tenants of residential premises are only sometimes responsible for making such upgrades, whereas commercial tenants may be. The ceiling, the skirting boards, and the picture must all be dusted and washed down thoroughly.

Surfaces and furniture, such as tables and sideboards, as well as kitchen and bathroom fixtures like windows, doors and handles, must be dusted and polished regularly. In addition to giving everything a good clean and disinfecting, you may also need to remove built-up limescale and mould from surfaces like showers, bathtubs, and lavatories.

Remember to clean the oven if it’s in a bit of a mess, empty the trash cans and sweep the sidewalks and driveways if necessary. Also, make sure the windows and the carpets are immaculate, and ask if you need to bring in any additional cleaners.

When Should You Hire A Professional For End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning?

Even if you plan on handling most of the move-out cleaning on your own, some areas should be handled by a professional cleaning service to ensure the work is done right.

In addition to steam cleaning the carpets and removing any curtains in the area, professional cleaners should also tackle the upholstery. To satisfy the strict demands of preparing a rental unit for a new tenant, you must put forward additional effort by hiring a professional cleaning service.

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