Who Can Repair A Defective Window Or Patio Door?

Should window repairs be paid for by the tenant or the landlord? What are the benefits of hiring a qualified professional such as Apex Window Werks for instance? Let’s take a look at repair coverage!

Repair a defective Mechanism: at the tenant’s or the owner’s expense?

In the case of dilapidated carpentry, the repair or replacement of windows, French windows, locks, and glazing are the owner’s responsibility. Indeed, the obsolescence is due to wear or a defect in carpentry installation. On the other hand, the tenant must maintain the joinery insofar as he occupies the accommodation. From this point of view, certain repairs are considered carpentry maintenance operations. Thus, the operations to be borne by the tenant are as follows:

Carpentry maintenance to prevent its deterioration: lubrication of the hinges, cleaning, replacement of a small part, etc.

Window Adjustment In The Event Of A Malfunction

Maintenance and repair of blackout accessories (shutters, blinds, etc.), Patio sliding door repair, threshold bars, and insulating mastic

Replacement Of Broken Glass

Any repair of degradation resulting from poor maintenance, or proven degradation on the part of the tenant

Hire A Professional For Window Repair

If you are a handyman, you have the necessary equipment and knowledge; you can repair your carpentry independently. But if this is not the case, you can also choose to call on a qualified artisan, depending on the part of the carpentry concerned:

  • A carpenter for the frame or joints.
  • A glazier for the glazing, the braces.
  • A locksmith for the handle or the locks.
  • A company specializing in renovation for carpentry as a whole.

By calling on an RGE-certified craftsman (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment), you are sure to undertake repair work in compliance with the standards in force. In addition, the craftsman can intervene quickly in carpentry since he has all the necessary skills and repair equipment!

How Much Does A Window Repair Cost?

In general, repair is a less expensive intervention than replacing a window. However, the cost of a repair depends on the State of deterioration of the carpentry, the material, the type of window, as well as the nature of the service:

Unlike the replacement of windows, the repair does not entitle you to financial aid from the State

Nevertheless, in case of break-ins or voluntary damage, your home insurance can cover part of the repair work. In short, repairing the defective part of a window makes it possible to avoid the deterioration of the carpentry as a whole and, consequently, its subsequent replacement (installation in renovation or total removal). Generally, more economical than changing the carpentry; the repair is sufficient in the event of minor damage

In this case, choose to replace the old one with new, more efficient joinery, allowing you to make significant energy savings in the long term.

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